Callsign Type      Started           Name     Ave RTT Link                
       A65CA USER      18-Feb-2019 2009Z Yuri         
     F1OYP-8 NODE DXSP 19-Feb-2019 1025Z JP          0.40     
     I3ITX-6 NODE DXSP 15-Feb-2019 1630Z             0.20      
    IZ3MEZ-8 NODE DXSP 15-Feb-2019 2111Z Sysop       0.16      
    JG1VGX-9 NODE DXSP 19-Feb-2019 0900Z Rin         0.38          
      PY5HOT USER      18-Feb-2019 0554Z Mike          
        R4FD USER      19-Feb-2019 1653Z               
     R5ACQ-1 NODE DXSP 18-Feb-2019 1703Z             0.15       
        RA9H USER      18-Feb-2019 2308Z ra9h         
       RW0LT USER      19-Feb-2019 2008Z                
       RW3XA USER      16-Feb-2019 1449Z Serge             
     RW3XA-8 NODE DXSP 25-Sep-2018 1539Z Serge                                
        RX8A USER      19-Feb-2019 1820Z                
       RX9FK USER      19-Feb-2019 2022Z                 
      SK3W-6 NODE DXSP 16-Feb-2019 0925Z             0.84      
       SP5TT USER      19-Feb-2019 1028Z Andy            
      SR2PUT NODE DXSP 15-Feb-2019 2047Z sp2put.pl   0.83      
    SV2BZQ-2 NODE DXSP 15-Feb-2019 1625Z             0.22         
    SV5BYR-7 NODE DXSP 19-Feb-2019 2220Z            309.88       
      UA3ZUX USER      19-Feb-2019 1810Z              
       UA4NE USER      19-Feb-2019 1741Z                
     UN1HQ-8 NODE DXSP 15-Feb-2019 2100Z             0.20       
       YO9HP USER      19-Feb-2019 1717Z Alex            
        Z39A USER      18-Feb-2019 1940Z Chris        

To obtain full access to the cluster including spotting and announcements, use Telnet or Web Interface.
IP address defined for AX.25 users on RF 144.650MHz link.
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