Callsign Type      Started           Name     Ave RTT Link                
     F1OYP-8 NODE DXSP 19-Jun-2018 1226Z JP          0.90        
     I3ITX-6 NODE DXSP 14-Jun-2018 2000Z             0.21       
    IZ3MEZ-8 NODE DXSP 19-Jun-2018 0901Z Sysop       0.24      
    IZ6FXS-6 NODE DXSP 11-Jun-2018 1852Z             0.24         
    JG1VGX-9 NODE DXSP  6-Jun-2018 1350Z Rin         0.41          
       K1HTV USER      19-Jun-2018 0849Z Rich           
       N2GEK USER      19-Jun-2018 2029Z              
       PY1FR USER      19-Jun-2018 2231Z Fernando       
      PY5HOT USER      19-Jun-2018 2248Z Mike         
        R4FD USER      19-Jun-2018 1557Z                
     R5ACQ-1 NODE DXSP 19-Jun-2018 0625Z             0.16       
    RA3ATX-2 NODE DXSP  6-Jun-2018 1350Z             0.13       
       RA6WF USER      19-Jun-2018 1547Z              
     RW3XA-8 NODE DXSP 24-May-2018 1002Z Serge                                
     RW3XA-9 NODE DXSP 24-May-2018 1007Z Serge       0.14       
      SK3W-6 NODE DXSP  9-Jun-2018 0935Z             0.19        
      SR2PUT NODE DXSP 19-Jun-2018 0107Z sp2put.pl   0.23      
    SV5BYR-7 NODE DXSP 19-Jun-2018 0110Z            17.64        

To obtain full access to the cluster including spotting and announcements, use Telnet or Web Interface.
IP address defined for AX.25 users on RF 144.650MHz link.
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