Callsign Type      Started           Name     Ave RTT Link                
       A65CA USER      11-Dec-2018 1148Z Yuri           
      EA1IPH USER      13-Dec-2018 2153Z rodolfo     
       EA5DV USER      13-Dec-2018 1843Z JuanMa       
     F1OYP-8 NODE DXSP 12-Dec-2018 0825Z JP          0.26      
    IZ3MEZ-8 NODE DXSP  5-Dec-2018 0741Z Sysop       0.20      
    JG1VGX-9 NODE DXSP  7-Dec-2018 1710Z Rin         0.40          
       OH2OO USER       9-Dec-2018 0745Z               
      ON6QRP USER      13-Dec-2018 1556Z Bruno           
       R3AIR USER      13-Dec-2018 2200Z R3AIR        
    RA3ATX-2 NODE DXSP 13-Dec-2018 1735Z             0.65       
        RT5A USER      13-Dec-2018 2017Z Yuri         
       RW0LT USER      13-Dec-2018 2152Z                
     RW3XA-8 NODE DXSP 25-Sep-2018 1539Z Serge                                
     RW3XA-9 NODE DXSP  1-Dec-2018 1218Z Serge       0.11       
       RZ3DW USER      13-Dec-2018 1801Z              
      SK3W-6 NODE DXSP  5-Dec-2018 0735Z             0.13      
      SP5MNT USER      13-Dec-2018 1833Z andrzej        
       SP5TT USER      13-Dec-2018 1317Z Andy           
      SR2PUT NODE DXSP 11-Dec-2018 1927Z sp2put.pl   0.19      
    SV2BZQ-2 NODE DXSP  7-Dec-2018 1010Z             0.18       
    SV5BYR-7 NODE DXSP 13-Dec-2018 0140Z             0.50      
       UA0ZC USER      13-Dec-2018 2130Z valery         
      UA3ROB USER      13-Dec-2018 1741Z              
       UD4FD USER      13-Dec-2018 2103Z Alex          
        UD7G USER      13-Dec-2018 1607Z ALEX          
     UN1HQ-8 NODE DXSP 11-Dec-2018 1930Z             0.19       
      YO3APJ USER      13-Dec-2018 1825Z Adrian      
       YO9HP USER      12-Dec-2018 0354Z Alex            
        Z36W USER      13-Dec-2018 1227Z Venco           

To obtain full access to the cluster including spotting and announcements, use Telnet or Web Interface.
IP address defined for AX.25 users on RF 144.650MHz link.
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