Callsign Type      Started           Name     Ave RTT Link                
        EC5C USER      26-Feb-2020 1523Z                
       ES1BA USER      26-Feb-2020 1955Z Slava        
     F1OYP-8 NODE DXSP 26-Feb-2020 1615Z JP          0.22         
     I3ITX-6 NODE DXSP 25-Jan-2020 1540Z             0.40       
      IU8MIX USER      26-Feb-2020 2221Z Jeny          
    IW9FDD-6 NODE DXSP 21-Feb-2020 1953Z             0.22       
    IZ3MEZ-8 NODE DXSP 11-Nov-2019 0631Z Sysop       0.18      
       LB2EG USER      26-Feb-2020 1546Z Richard        
      LU4DJB USER      26-Feb-2020 2303Z DANIEL         
      PY5HOT USER      26-Feb-2020 2311Z Mike           
     R5ACQ-1 NODE DXSP 13-Feb-2020 1640Z             0.11       
       R6DLL USER      26-Feb-2020 1516Z               
       R7KDW USER      27-Feb-2020 0001Z              
   RA1AIE-10 USER      27-Feb-2020 0000Z              
    RA3ATX-8 NODE DXSP 23-Feb-2020 0220Z             0.13        
       RA3AV USER      27-Feb-2020 0006Z                 
      RA3DPL USER      26-Feb-2020 2311Z                 
      RA4HRM USER      26-Feb-2020 1700Z Vic          
        RU7J USER      26-Feb-2020 0454Z Dima           
       RW0LT USER      26-Feb-2020 2026Z              
     RW3XA-8 NODE DXSP 24-Aug-2019 2036Z Serge                                
      RZ3DCK USER      26-Feb-2020 0454Z              
       RZ3DW USER      26-Feb-2020 1751Z              
      SK3W-6 NODE DXSP 21-Jan-2020 0735Z             0.15     
      SR2PUT NODE DXSP 24-Feb-2020 1647Z sp2put.pl   0.17      
    SV5BYR-7 NODE DXSP 26-Feb-2020 1630Z             0.29       
    SV7BIP-5 USER      26-Feb-2020 1038Z Spiros          
      UA0ZEO USER      26-Feb-2020 2012Z Oleg          
      UA6AUA USER      27-Feb-2020 0006Z Victor       
     UN1HQ-8 NODE DXSP  1-Feb-2020 0640Z             0.15       
        UN5J USER      27-Feb-2020 0026Z              
        YP6Z USER      26-Feb-2020 1937Z Zoli          

To obtain full access to the cluster including spotting and announcements, use Telnet or Web Interface.
IP address defined for AX.25 users on RF 144.650MHz link.
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