DXCluster ANNOUNCES (original DXSpider format)

Date Time From To Announce 18Aug2022 08:00:10 MX0NCA-2 ALL DXSpider: MX0NCA-2 with optional RBN/Skimmer spots Telnet dxc.mx0nca.uk 7373 ID at 18-Aug-2022 0800Z 18Aug2022 09:08:00 SV1CMG-2 ALL LAMDXC DXCluster : telnet sv1cmg.no-ip.org 17300 18Aug2022 10:00:00 GB7HTL ALL CLUSTER: gb7htl.packet-radio.com 7300 or 9000 at 18-Aug-2022 1000Z 18Aug2022 12:30:22 IW1QLH-6 ALL CLUSTER: cluster.hrdlog.net on port 7300 18Aug2022 12:42:00 SV1IW-9 ALL SV1IW-9 dxspider telnet sv1iw.port0.org 73 18Aug2022 13:11:00 DD5XX-10 ALL CW/SSB lovers: Get rid of the tons of FT8 spots on the cluster? Enjoy this DIGITAL-MODE-FREE server ---> DD5XX.dxcluster.net:7000 <--- 18Aug2022 13:18:54 8Q7AG ALL only ft8. i don't know cw and ssb. and I need money. Page automaticaly reloads 1 minute.